Why Acupuncture?

                          Why should you come to see me?

Acupuncture is a powerful modality for re-balancing and harmonizing the whole person, body-mind-spirit. For example, chronic pain depletes more than the physical body, it also depletes one mentally and spiritually. Emotional wounds can be as damaging as physical wounds. 

Your healing process is unique to you - I work to earn your trust and am honored to participate in your healing journey as a partner and facilitator of your process.  I strive to provide a supportive, nurturing environment that creates a safe haven for you to do your healing work.  

It is important to me that you feel empowered by your experience here and that you leave having a greater understanding of how your body works according to Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts. This allows you to make more appropriate choices that will support your goals to regain your health, and to protect your health in the future.