What is Oriental Medicine?

Think of Oriental Medicine as an 'umbrella' term that covers the various methods of treatment available to you by a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist: 

The energy in your body, Qi (chee), moves via the meridian system. Think of the rivers that flow along the earth – this correlates to the rivers of energy that flow along your body.  The meridian system is a complex network of channels traversing your whole body, front to back, head to toe, right to left, upper to lower, inner to outer.  

Acupuncture points are located at various sites along these meridians (similar to the locks & dams of rivers) allowing us to regulate flow and stimulate movement.  When areas that are blocked are opened, pain is relieved, and the body’s innate wisdom is restored.  

Dietary Guidelines:  We are what we eat…there is so much that you can do to restore and maintain your health by simply changing what you eat!  Knowing what to eat during the change of seasons is also crucial to supporting your health and well being.

Herbal Medicine:  Herbs fall into the same category as food.  Food and plants are medicinal – most of us are expert at knowing how to medicate ourselves, but not as adept at knowing how to heal ourselves!  

Moxibustion:  a form of ‘warming’ treatment using the mugwort plant.  In most cases of practice of oriental medicine, warmth is preferable to cold, and moxa is a wonderful way to accomplish this objective.

Tui Na, Qi Gong & Tai Chi:  Oriental body work and practices that cultivate qi are other ways that you can nurture and heal your body & extend longevity.