Oriental Medicine, Acupunture, Yin, Yang & Qi...


Oriental Medicine encompasses a variety of ancient healing modalities, including acupuncture, dietary guidelines, herbal formulas, moxibustion, tui na, qi gong, tai chi, and more. 


Thousands of years ago, scholars observed the cycles and seasons of nature and proposed a theory called yin/yang to explain the interactions they witnessed.  They discovered that human beings are prone to the same forces as the rest of nature and developed ways of living harmoniously with the changes of the seasons.  Those ways of being are still pertinent to our health and well-being in modern times-perhaps even more so, given how little interaction most of us have with time outside!

The practice of acupuncture balances the energies of our bodies, supporting change, nurturing transformations, grounding and centering us –

acupuncture effortlessly attunes the communication systems of our body, mind and spirit.


What I Have to Offer:

Treatment sessions are scheduled to give you enough time to share your health concerns, and I see one person at a time in order to give you my undivided attention.

My health history questionnaire is very detailed.  I need to know what you have been experiencing in order to determine your individualized treatment plan.

Each of your symptoms has a connection to an organ system or meridian, and by paying attention to these clues, we can treat the ‘root’ cause of the problem – thereby eliminating the need for symptoms.


                       Consider the lotus…

I believe each person’s healing journey is similar to the process of the lotus. 

A lotus bud forms in the dark, mud and muck of stagnant water. 

It continually strives upward towards the light.  

Once it reaches the surface it blossoms into its’ full glory.

The lotus blossom is said to symbolize clarity of heart and mind, and strength of body.  In my experience, acupuncture provides these benefits, helping us move out of those places in our lives where we are stuck, giving us strength to manifest our dreams & grow into the amazing people we were born to become.

My mission is to support you upon your healing path so that you may access your true potential and deliver your gifts to the world for the benefit of all.